Our Mission Statement

The mission of Youth for Life of Northeast Ohio is to support student run, student led pro-life organizations in middle schools and high schools, youth groups, and youth organizations throughout northeast Ohio with resources to help develop responsible and active youth leaders who protect the sanctity of human life from conception through natural death.

As a part of Right to Life of Northeast Ohio, Youth for Life of Northeast Ohio (YFLNEO) follows the strategies of:

  • Educating     What is legal and allowable in civil law is not necessarily legal in the eyes of God.  More than a whole generation of people has been raised with the opinion that it is acceptable to terminate the life of an unborn child for any reason up until the day of birth.   Our culture also does not place any stress on personal responsibility for one’s action.   YFLNEO can provide resources including literature, speakers, workshop training and more to help in restoring the values and truths about the dignity and sanctity of life.  Through education, we can help to change the hearts and minds of abortion-minded individuals and help to “reduce the supply” to abortion facilities to force closure due to lack of business.
  • Legislating   Right to Life of Northeast Ohio works to promote stronger laws to regulate the practice of abortion within the scope of the current laws.  They also help to research pathways to make abortion illegal, eliminate embryonic stem cell research, and keep assisted suicide and euthanasia out of the future.  Pro-life youth groups should stay informed on current legislation.  They can also write letters, e-mails, or personally speak to the appropriate legislators in support or opposition for the legislation.   YFLNEO can provide resources and activities on legislative efforts.   
  • Advocating    Pro-life youth groups can be a voice for the voiceless innocent human lives through witnessing and programming.  YFLNEO can provide leadership and activism training materials and workshops, and opportunities through many programs to promote advocacy efforts.
  • Unifying    The purpose of YFLNEO is to provide programming, resources and assistance to pro-life groups throughout northeast Ohio so that collectively, our youth can be a united front in the fight to rebuild a culture of life.
  • Multiplying   When a group is successfully operating because of activities, programs and more, it either attracts new members, or encourages other areas to form their own successful program.   YFLNEO can not only provide resources for groups to be successful, but can help to revitalize those pro-life youth groups who have faltered.


Any pro-life youth group in northeast Ohio can utilize the resources and assistance of Youth for Life of Northeast Ohio. 

Since YFLNEO is not a membership based organization, there is no membership obligation.   However, YFLNEO strongly encourages each pro-life youth group to share membership information so that all youth will receive updated communications and information pertinent to the pro-life cause.


Youth for Life of Northeast Ohio works to unify all northeast Ohio pro-life youth groups.

YFLNEO  publishes a ysuggested yearly calendar of activities which any pro-life youth group can participate in individually, or with other pro-life groups.

YFLNEO maintains an extensive list of resources, activities, educational materials on the YFLNEO website.  In addition, the individual pro-life youth group news and upcoming events will be published through Right to Life of Northeast Ohio e-blasts, on their website, and on social media.

YFLNEO  will focus on pro-life youth group activities throughout northeast Ohio, and will feature upcoming events and ideas on the Right to Life of Northeast Ohio website and on social media, including Facebook.

YFLNEO will maintain a database of all pro-life youth groups and individual e-mail addresses in northeast Ohio (for those that submit their information) for purposes of sending out e-blasts about upcoming events, etc., should any pro-life youth group wish to utilize this.

YFLNEO will happily assist pro-life youth groups with start up, maintenance, recruitment, etc., as requested through our student advisory committee or through the executive director’s office if you require on-site assistance.

YFLNEO will help pro-life youth groups activity with succession planning through the student advisory committee, and will provide on-site assistance if required.

YFLNEO can assist each pro-life youth group to collaborate with their local Right to Life chapter or other adult pro-life organization to encourage unity in activities, programs, events and more.




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