National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week     April 23-30, 2013

National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day    April 24, 2013



2_t_shirts.pngAs pro-lifers, we need to share the message that we are trying to protect innocent human life.  What better way to share our message than in the art on our t-shirts....probably the biggest fashion accessory of all time!

A pro-life t-shirt can be a great conversation starter when people notice the message.   It also advertises your views without you ever having to say a word!  Some may argue or disagree with you....but it can open up lots of lines of communications to help you make a difference!

Join with pro-lifers all over the country and wear your pro-life gear all week!   Don't have any pro-life t-shirts?   Here are a few places where you can get them:




Make a $25 donation to Right to Life of Northeast Ohio and you can get a FREE pink or blue varsity style t-shirt with the design: LIFE is a miracle, not a choice.  Available in adult size S through XXL.   Call our office at 330-762-2785 for sizes and availability.



  Browse a wide selection of t-shirts at the Heritage House clothing website:




You can view this shirt "I am the Pro-Life Generation" and more at the store on the Students for Life of America website at:







American Life League is the founder of the National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day.   View available clothing on their website at:






A large variety of "sweatshop free" t-shirts is available through Stand True Pro Life Outreach by visiting their store at:






Find t-shirts, hats, hoodies, bracelets and more by clicking on the merchandise tab at:



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