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Any pro-life youth group in northeast Ohio can utilize the resources and assistance of Youth for Life of Northeast Ohio.   Since YFLNEO is not a membership based organization, there is no membership obligation.   However, YFLNEO strongly encourages each pro-life youth group to share membership information so that all youth will receive updated communications and information from us pertinent to the pro-life cause.




Youth for Life of Northeast Ohio has published the Pro-Life Youth Handbook which contains information about starting, growing and strengthening youth pro-life groups.  You'll find ideas for planning meetings, growing your membership, fundraising, publicity and more.   Get your free copy of the workbook by contacting executive director Denise Leipold at 330-762-2785, or by e-mail at [email protected]

We'd also love to stay in communication with you and send you e-mail alerts about legislation, events and more.  Click here to print a roster form to fax or e-mail to us with contact information about your members.   We do NOT sell our e-mail lists to anyone!











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