To our future leaders and protectors of life:

The Right to Life organization started after the Supreme Court decision in January of 1973 made it legal for a mother to end the life of her unborn child.  Since that fateful day, we have made it a priority to protect and defend the sanctity of human life from conception through natural death.

We are so encouraged by the tremendous increase of students who are becoming dedicated to the pro-life movement.   Our battle to restore a culture of life to our country and the rest of the world is a harsh reality, and our youth are the future to achieving our goals.  We are proud to have Youth for Life of Northeast Ohio as a resource organization to support student led pro-life organizations in middle schools and high schools, youth groups, and youth organizations throughout northeast Ohio with resources to help develop responsible and active youth leaders who will carry on with the cause of life.

Please know that we are here to assist you, and want you to succeed in creating and keeping strong and vibrant pro-life youth groups in schools and home schools.  Through Youth for Life of Northeast Ohio, you can be in unity with other pro-life youth groups as well as Right to Life chapters throughout northeast Ohio.  This unity of participation helps to show others our strengths and the intensity of our beliefs as we work to overcome the tragedies of abortion, the indignities of old age and chronic or terminal illnesses and more.

May God bless you and give you strength and fortitude in helping to protect the miracle of life.

For Life,



Denise Leipold,
Executive Director


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